Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Is it even POSSIBLE to have a revolution in this country?

People have been talking about another revolution happening in America. This talk comes mainly from libertarians and other far-right wing people. I am not challenging their beleifs nor am I here to discuss wether or not there should be one, I am simply questioning a person who has the guts to post a rally point for violent revolution on the internet as to whether or not it's even an effective or possible solution.

First off, let me say that I do not advocate or condone violence. I am simply speculating. I am sorry to say I am probably giving up any chance of ever getting a security clearance in the future by posting this.

Plan A: Simply take up arms and walk to Washington. Demand control and shoot anyone who doesn't comply.
Problem: You do not have the proper equipment to actually defeat the U.S. armed forces. Back in 1776, everyone had pretty much the same weapons, but today the military is armed with hummers, tanks, artillery, aircraft, missiles, etc. Any force you think you have will be outgunned.

Plan B: Terrorism. Simply commit enough acts of terrorism against government targets to force them to hand over control
Problem: Unless the attack is so coordinated that it eliminates the ENTIRE chain of command and most of the House and Senate, the government will bounce back and simply go into hiding. The U.S. government is fully capable of running the entire country from an undisclosed location or even aboard Air Force One.

Plan C: Terrorism against the public. Simply hold the people hostage and demand that control be relinquished.
Problem: You'd have to kill a LOT of innocent people to get the government to discuss that matter seriously with you. Besides, aren't you trying to SAVE your country from tyranny?

I don't even know of a plan D because honestly, the smartest minds capable of planning a revolution capable of taking down the government most likely work for the government and support the order we currently have. Besides, what would you do once you take control? Would you simply rewrite the Constitution and add "This time, we mean it!"? The system we have is very good, we simply need to tweak it. That's what lawmaking is all about.

Consider this: no two democracies have ever gone to war with each other. That is one way of determining the quality of a government system is how much trouble it creates across the globe. If we use that logic, the democratic republic that we have right now is the best system that's ever been tried.

I don't think violent revolution is necessary or even possible to begin with. Some people just have to have a problem.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

College Newspaper reads like a blog

This is the website for my schools newspaper. They print new papers each day and they're free for students to take at their leisure. If you read a few of the articles, you'll see very low quality writers churning out news stories every day. What scares me the most is that these people are probably going to try to write professionally!

This paper does, in fact, get the news out to people who want to read it. Reading some of these articles is like reading a high school essay. For example: This articles titled "Brainwash theory unfounded" says, "The fact of the matter is that the Democratic Party is not the only party with an agenda." First of all, the phrase "fact of the matter is" is a cliche. It's the same as saying, "the thing is..." Also, reading the rest of the article reveals that it ISN'T the fact of the matter that the Democrats aren't the only party with an agenda! The fact of the matter is that Obama wants to make a speech in schools and some people, mostly conservative, don't want their children exposed to it. The last few "paragraphs" of the article is just prattling and degrades the image of the staff of the newspaper.

"if you're in politics, you have an agenda." Please don't start referencing me, the reader. Thanks, by the way, for making assumptions about me and implying that there are all kinds of things behind closed doors. The author shows a clear distrust of the nature of politicians and whether or not that's reasonable isn't the point. This isn't news, it's opinion! A very poorly written one, I might add.

I don't claim to be a better writer but I know what a newspaper should read like and apparently these authors don't. Western Illinois University is churning out some sub-par writers into the workforce! I guess you get what you pay for at a "Bargain College."